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Painless, straightforward extractions of impacted wisdom teeth and cases of severe decay

Dentistry has made incredible advancements when it comes to dental professionals’ ability to recreate tooth, bone, and gum structure in a way where the replacement tissues look beautiful and feel great. That said, dentists like those at New Leaf Dental partner closely with patients to preserve their natural teeth. Despite dental advancements, natural and healthy teeth are superior in form and function to their lab-made counterparts. Likewise, by protecting and maintaining, patients avoid pain and trauma.

Extractions may be recommended in the case of three notable exceptions to this rule:  

  • Severe decay or infections that threaten the overall health of your body
  • Teeth that are not candidates for root canal therapy or that have already been treated with endodontic procedures yet, symptoms of decay and infection persist
  • Wisdom teeth 

By maintaining regular visits to our practice, you can essentially prevent the conditions that lead to the need for extraction and the loss of the natural tooth; for instance, we can recommend a range of dental restorations to restore the structure and health of decayed teeth. Periodontal therapy further supports the health of the gums that surround and protect the teeth and the teeth themselves. For severe forms of decay, dental crowns may follow root canal therapy. Still, other types of teeth must be monitored to ensure they are developing correctly.

Wisdom tooth troubles

Wisdom teeth are the third molars at the very back of the mouth and on either side of your face. They are typically called “wisdom teeth,” as these molars tend to develop in young adulthood. Troubles arise as they try to break through the gums so late. There may not be sufficient room for these teeth to erupt. When this occurs, wisdom teeth can become trapped. They can’t erupt normally. Painful pressure arises, and these molars may also press against their neighbors. This process can lead to complications, such as damage to surrounding teeth.

Our approach

We may recommend proactive removal of the affected wisdom tooth (or teeth) based on what we find during regular checkups. By removing a poorly-developing tooth before pain and other symptoms arise, we maintain your overall well-being and also help you to avoid potential complications to surrounding teeth and bone.

Dental extractions are generally a straightforward process. They may be performed by lifting a most-visible and intact tooth from its socket or through small incisions for those broken or not visible teeth. All extractions at our office are well-tolerated with our precision diagnostics, which support equally precise removal of troublesome teeth. We also use advanced pain-relieving medications and techniques and can discuss relaxing medications, too. Be sure to follow any instructions for prep and post-care as provided by your dentist. In doing so, healing occurs uneventfully and quickly!

Please do not wait for pain and other signs of decay or impaction to arise before you reach out to us. Contact us today at (208) 896-2284 to schedule your appointment.

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