We are available on weekends at (208) 888-3384 for patients of record with a true dental emergency. If you need to make changes to an appointment or schedule a new appointment, please visit Schedule Online Page.
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Emergency Dentistry

Your “home” for proactive care, same-day dentistry that supports the health of your smile and the whole “you”

At New Leaf Dental, we have built our Meridian, Idaho, practice on quality care at an affordable price. Our dentists believe that everyone, regardless of budget or financial situation, should have access to exceptional and highly personalized dentistry. Due to this approach, we partner with individuals and their families to maintain the health of their mouths. In doing so, gum disease, dental decay, and other threats to the teeth are prevented.

However, we also recognize that accidents and new health challenges arise suddenly. Emergencies also don’t “keep” regular office hours. For this reason, our dentists are available every day of the business week (some Fridays) and have built their schedules to accommodate patients with urgent needs. We also provide guidance on ways to maintain comfort immediately, ease pain, and increase the odds that you will preserve a badly damaged tooth. The idea is to resolve pain quickly and intervene in a manner that is also in your long-term health best interests.  

Emergencies certainly do not all manifest in the same way; they may include:  

  • Toothaches that are caused by conditions such as decay, bacterial infection (abscesses), damaged restorations 
  • Fractures or other severe cracks that threaten the integrity of the affected tooth
  • Knocked-out (avulsed) teeth 
  • Oral injuries caused during sports or from other forms of trauma 

Depending on the extent of the decay or the nature of oral trauma or injuries, it may be for the good of your overall health and wellbeing to immediately visit the closest emergency room or health care provider. Infections that start in the mouth can kill; they may travel to other parts of the body and affect your entire “system.” These systemic infections are characterized by high fever, labored breathing, and difficulty swallowing. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical attention now.  

Your quality dental partners to the rescue  

Fortunately, many oral conditions can be prevented or resolved promptly. That way, we can get you out of pain and back to enjoy restorative sleep and the rest of your life in no time. Since we are skilled in diagnosing and treating oral conditions, New Leaf Dental is best equipped to provide care for your mouth and health over the long term. 

Please do not delay calling us at (208) 896-2284. Be sure that all family members have our number handy. We proudly support the wellness of patients from throughout Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Mountain Home, Middleton, Star, and the surrounding area.

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