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Dental X-Rays

A healthy, beautiful smile starts with accurate diagnostic technologies – like advanced x-rays

New Leaf Dental has cultivated a loyal following throughout the Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Mountain Home, Middleton, and Star region with our proactive and gentle approach to partnering with individuals and families. Sophisticated dental x-rays support the trust that feeds into long-term relationships with patients and generations of families. The x-ray systems that Drs Nathan Williams and Adam Dixon have invested in are safe and render very clear and detailed images. We can then use this information to detect problems early when they are easiest to treat effectively and recommend treatment plans that promptly and precisely resolve conditions.  

We’ve provided a few examples of the diagnostics available at our practice and that you can benefit from when embarking on this lifelong journey of oral health with us.  

The low-down on panoramic radiography  

Panoramic radiography (x-rays) is true to the word “panorama” in that it produces expansive images of the mouth. These images can then be stitched together into one uninterrupted picture of the whole oral cavity. That allows Drs Williams and Dixon to scrutinize the entire picture of your mouth. This photo can then be adjusted, shared, and viewed on a monitor. The nature of panoramic images allows our providers to see better and assess the upper and lower teeth and jaws, as well as the sinuses. Our treatment options are only as effective as the information we have collected to arrive at a diagnosis. This technology leaves no stone unturned, as we are provided with such detailed and expanded insights into related oral structures and tissue. Notably, we may use such imaging to proactively evaluate the state of wisdom teeth. Using this system, our dentists may recommend that extractions be performed before persistent pain and potential complications arise among those teeth that are not erupting through the gums normally. 

CBCT imaging  

CBCT stands for “cone beam computed tomography,” which is a twist on conventional computed tomography (CT) scanners. Our system uses an arm designed to rotate 360 degrees around each patient. This characteristic helps our dentists collect several high-quality photos of the oral cavity (mouth) and the ears, nose, and throat. Due to the cone shape of the radiography or x-ray beam, scans of these many structures can be captured from various perspectives or angles. Otherwise, hidden cysts, tumors, decay, and cracks may be detected. We have more detailed images of them to gain further insights into the nature of each condition, which informs recommended therapies. The variety and the sheer number of radiographs produced supports a far greater understanding of conditions and anatomical features than what could be obtained with one scan or angle alone.  

Our patients also appreciate that these diagnostic services are comfortable, convenient, conservative, and efficient. Turn over a new leaf by getting into a healthy habit of regular visits to our office. Schedule your checkup today by calling New Leaf Dental at (208) 896-2284.

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