We believe that people need to be adequately informed about their dental needs and that includes knowing the cost to fix whatever they need. We are very up front with everyone about the fees involved and try to talk straight, so that you know what you are getting into before any dental work is done. In fact, we like you to know how much the dental work will cost you before you ever walk through our door.

Routine Services

Comprehensive exam- $55

Full mouth x-rays- $93

Bite wings x-rays- $47

Cleaning for adults- $83

Cleaning for children- $55

Crowns & Veneers

Starting at $799

Emergency Visit

Limited exam and 1 x-ray - $73

White Fillings

Starting at $139


Starting at $105

And So Much More!

Call us for more prices

These are some of our base fees. If you have questions about them, or you want to know fees for procedures not listed, please call the office at 888-3384.  If we have seen you and given you an estimate, remember that it is an estimate only.  We cannot see or anticipate every situation or complication. We strive to be honest and up-front about any dental treatment options we recommend.